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    Amazing location. They have everything that I need for making my favorite dishes even down to the pans needed. I highly recommend this place to anyone that has goods needs.

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    Visited the store on their grand opening day, store is clean and bright, all product are neat and organized. They have a great selection of dried seafood and ingredients for cooking, a wide variety of Chinese OTC medicine and herbal tea, also different types of kitchenware. Owner and staff are friendly and knowledgeable about the products on the shelves. The store has reserved parking spots for customers which is a great bonus. I will definitely shop there again.

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    Lots of selection & very helpful staff. I can't wait until they get their onsite naturopathic doctor!

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    Visited the second time mainly for Chinese dried seafood.

    I am not expert on this subject so I am extra anxious coming in to a shop like this. From my childhood experience, my parents loved going to dried seafood shops but quite a few times complaining about the high pressure sales techniques on the way home. Yes i am still very haunted by this memory.

    It ends up the sales clerks are very friendly and they are helpful to recommend the right kinds of sea cucumber, bird nest, fish maw, etc. The product is super dried with great shape. There are so many resources online about preparing/cooking dried seafood. The techniques are very simple mostly about hydrating them overnight and the dried seafood definitely will bring your Chinese dishes to next level.

    For example, if you are tried of boring fried rice, just added a few pieces of steamed dried scallop. It will taste so much better...

    Not to mention bird nest, this is a great secret of anti-aging and Chinese beauty tip.

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